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Kiton Yellow Cotton Short Pants

Kiton Yellow Cotton Short Pants

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The Kiton short pants are made from 100% cotton, providing a textured and luxurious feel. These yellow shorts feature a lace-up closure, seamlessly combining stylish design with practical functionality. The distinctive red Kiton embroidery at the hem of the leg adds an elegant and recognizable touch. Perfect for summer, these shorts blend casual comfort with high-end fashion, making them an essential piece for any sophisticated wardrobe. Ideal for beach outings or relaxed city days, Kiton short pants ensure a refined and timeless look, reflecting the brand's commitment to superior quality and style. |

Art H0880105000
Cod. KJY26
Style Lace up
Season For Summer
Approximate Measures Waist Front rise Leg Opening Hips Thigh
S 13"(19") 11" 10" 21" 10.5"
M 13.5"(19.5") 11" 10" 21.5" 10.5"
L 14"(20") 11" 10" 21.75" 10.5"
XL 14.5"(20.5") 11" 10" 22.5" 11"
2XL 15"(21") 11.5" 10.5" 23.5" 11.5"
3XL 15.5"(21.5") 11.5" 10.75" 24.5" 11.5"

Composition: 100% Cotton

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