Collection: Blazers (Sports Jacket) Italy

A Blazer in British English or a sports jacket in American English is the jacket that normally comes with a suit - but a blazer is without anything else, just the jacket. 

Our collection of beautiful sports jackets and blazers includes a huge variety of colors and patterns, including plaids & checks, striped, solid color, and much more. We have a huge variety of hand-selected Navy, Black, and every other color also. 

From such sartorial legends as Kiton and Cesare Attolini, we are able to bring you a collection of the best of the very best - and the most important thing is a mix of materials, we have everything from fine Cashmere, to even finer Mohair, or even the elusive Vicuna. 

You'll never struggle to find a beautiful Italian designer blazer again with 2Men's handcrafted collections.

Blazers (Sports Jacket) Italy