Collection: Santoni

Since its creation in 1975, Santoni pursues a vision, refining a cultural heritage linked to Italian craftsmanship and excellence. Over time, the most precious characteristics of pure Made in Italy have been kept intact. Quality, passion for details and rigorous handmade workmanship are the core elements of distinction from its competitors in the exclusive club of the most famous and recognizable luxury brands of the world. Tradition and innovation.

These are the parallel pillars Santoni built its success, thanks to the perfect combination of traditional production techniques, the ability to make entirely handmade shoes, and the evolution in research and design.

Peculiarities that a sophisticated customer, who always chooses the best for himself and is updated on the evolution of style, is attracted to. Modern attitude married to ancient know-how.

A legacy guarded by the craftsman masters, some of which work in the company since 1975. They witnessed the turn of Santoni from a local workshop into a reference brand and kept alive the original passion for extreme quality and beauty.