Collection: Sartorio Napoli

Sartorio Napoli is an exclusive sartorial brand associated with Kiton. Based in Naples, Sartorio provides Italian-made suits and sportcoats with soft Neapolitan shoulders and hand-finished details. Their suits and blazers are deconstructed and are an excellent example of the finest level of classic tailoring and artisan techniques.

They are also famous for the materials they use for their suits, such as Mohair, PA, and EA - all of which add some stretchiness and breathability to the suit.

Sartorio carries on the sartorial perfection of the Neapolitan memory, reinterpreted in a modern, and relaxed, corporate key. Sartorio is the tradition that sews innovation: it focuses its studies on classic models, to anticipate trends in taste and re-establish the Italian dress code school. Sartorio packs exclusive items with the finest materials and unlimited attention to detail for an increasingly global clientele.

Refinement is the engine of all stages of production. Raw materials are the secret of our quality: from fabrics to the most meticulous of accessories, everything is selected according to the highest quality and standard possible.