Collection: Luxury Italian Coats

A fine coat is an essential to any refined gentleman's wardrobe. That is where 2Men comes in - each piece in our collections is painstakingly selected from only the finest Italian brands, and brought together in one place.

The most important part of any coat is the material it's made from, whether it's cotton denim, Cashmere, or wool - each fabric is selected for a specific purpose by our team. Then, just to make things even more luxurious, often there is then a beautiful piece of fur on the inside, allowing you to fully experience the beauty of a fur coat. 

From weasel to beaver and Murmansk, these are only the finest available fabrics and materials in the world. 

Kiton, Marco Pescarolo and Cesare Attolini lead the charge with their wonderful fabrics, including the ever elusive 100% Vicuna Overcoat.

coat Kiton luxury Italian menswear