Collection: Malo

An All-Italian Excellence The 1970s were in full swing, and the Jet Set often spent their summer holidays in Portofino, a beautifully colorful and romantic setting. It was in Portofino that the idea which gave birth to Malo was born. At dusk, the cool mountain air descended towards the sea, cooling the bare shoulders of the ladies. At that time, only fine wools were used to make sweaters or shawls, while cashmere was a Scottish domain, which, however, offered extremely heavy sweaters in a limited range of colors. Malo revolutionized knitwear, offering extremely light cashmere yarns, intangible fabrics that were warm and light at the same time, offering a purely Italian style in a range of bright colors. Production then moved to Tuscany, a land of artistic tradition and ancient artisanal wisdom.

From the meeting of this intuition and Tuscan artisanal wisdom, Malo was born in the 1970s. Malo Tricot, as it was then called, was founded in 1972.

A thread that has run for over 50 years to create garments with an exquisite timeless style, for a subdued luxury that combines beauty with well-being.