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Kiton White Cotton Short Pants

Kiton White Cotton Short Pants

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The Kiton short pants are crafted from 100% cotton, offering a textured and luxurious feel. These white shorts feature a lace-up closure, combining stylish design with practical functionality. The distinctive red Kiton embroidery at the hem of the leg adds a touch of elegance and brand identity. Perfect for summer, these shorts merge casual comfort with high-end fashion, making them an essential piece for any sophisticated wardrobe. Ideal for beach outings or relaxed city days, Kiton short pants ensure a refined and timeless look, embodying the brand's commitment to quality and style. |

Art H0880101005
Cod. KJY17
Style Lace up
Season For Summer
Approximate Measures Waist Front rise Leg Opening Hips Thigh
S 13"(19") 11" 10" 21" 10.5"
M 13.5"(19.5") 11" 10" 21.5" 10.5"
L 14"(20") 11" 10" 21.75" 10.5"
XL 14.5"(20.5") 11" 10" 22.5" 11"
2XL 15"(21") 11.5" 10.5" 23.5" 11.5"
3XL 15.5"(21.5") 11.5" 10.75" 24.5" 11.5"

Composition: 100% Cotton

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