Stay Cool and Classy: A Guide to Lightweight Suits for Scorching Summers

Stay Cool and Classy: A Guide to Lightweight Suits for Scorching Summers

Brand Collections Key Offerings
Cesare Attolini Suits, Blazers, Shirts, Coats Italian Tailoring
Kiton Suits, Blazers, Coats Luxury Fabrics
KNT Coats, Hoodies, Pants Casual Attire
Kired Coats, Overcoats Winter Wear
Fioroni Coats, Polos, Sweaters Casual Elegance

1. Material Matters


The right material makes all the difference when it comes to staying cool in summer. Breathable fabrics like linen and cotton are your best bet:


  • Discover the finest Italian tailoring with Cesare Attolini's collection, renowned for its breathability and elegance.
  • Luxury is not a myth in summer with Kiton's collection, offering a range of luxury fabrics that ensure you stay cool.

2. Color Palette

Embrace lighter colors that reflect the sun's rays, making you feel and look cool:

  • Explore our Italian Beige Designer Suits, they are a perfect blend of sophistication and summer-friendly colors.

3. Style and Fit


A relaxed fit with unstructured jackets allows for more airflow, keeping you cool:

  • Fioroni offers a range of casual elegance that will keep you feeling cool and looking sharp.

4. Accessorize Right

Pair your summer suit with breathable dress pants and comfortable loafers:

  • Dive into KNT's collection for a range of casual attire, perfect to pair with your summer suit.

Stay ahead of the trend with our latest collections:

Stay cool and classy through the scorching summer days with the right lightweight suit. Explore our collections and find the perfect ensemble to elevate your summer style!

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