Collection: Fioroni Made in Italy

Fioroni garments are traceable back to their environmentally sustainable production process. The company performs ongoing research to find exclusive and limited raw materials that are strictly of natural origin. For example, the cashmere used in Fioroni garments comes exclusively from Mongolia and is spun by leading Italian companies in the research and transformation of yarns.

The processing of Fioroni Cashmere is entirely artisanal; each weft is added by hand on every single needle of the binder. Furthermore, each Fioroni brand can be identified by the hand-embroidered label and by the work done with needle and thread of pure cashmere to finish the wrist and hips.

This is a hand-selected selection of the finest Coats, Sweaters and more, made from fine cashmere and excellent furs such as mink , beaver and weasel.