Drape: The way a suit hangs off the body. It refers to the arrangement of fabric of an outfit, such as a suit or dress, over the figure of the wearer that gives it shape and enhances their overall look. Drape is often used interchangeably with “fit” when referring to how clothing fits on the body but fit is more focused on how closely a garment conforms to its wearer's natural body contours while drape has more emphasis on how gracefully and elegantly clothing hangs off of its wearer. The quality of drape can be influenced by factors like the weight of the fabric, its weave and texture, as well as any pleats or gathers used in its construction. If a garment is too tight or too loose, it can cause an unflattering drape which could impact movement and comfort for the wearer. On the other hand, if garments have too much structure or excess fabric they may bunch up in an unsightly manner when put on a figure. A well-draped garment will have fabric that lies smoothly against a silhouette without being overly tight or baggy. It should flatter the wearer’s body shape and move with them naturally instead of restricting their movements in any way. To achieve this ideal drape, tailors often consider things like sleeve length, hemline placement and even accessories such as vests and ties when constructing custom-made suits for clients. Kiton is a famous brand with good drape

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