Custom Menswear: Refers to clothing that is made specifically for one individual according to their unique measurements and preferences. Custom menswear is a popular choice for many men who want a more personalized and tailored look. It often involves selecting a fabric, style, and details such as pockets, buttons, etc. The custom menswear process begins with an in-person or online consultation with a tailor who will take precise measurements and discuss the design of the garment. Afterward, the garment is cut from the chosen fabric and then assembled. This type of clothing is known for its attention to detail; every stitch must be made precisely according to the customer's specifications in order for the garment to fit properly. Custom menswear usually requires additional costs due to its specialized construction and labor-intensive nature. However, customers appreciate its superior quality, perfect fit, and elevated aesthetic that cannot be found off-the-rack. In addition, custom menswear makes it easy for customers to express their creativity by allowing them to choose from an array of fabrics, styles, colors, patterns, fits, detailing options and more. When done correctly by an experienced tailor or designer, custom menswear can make any man feel confident and stylish in his own unique style. Kiton makes many custom made suits

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