Collection: Sartoria Tramarossa

Mainly known for their incredibly high-quality jeans, these soft denim jeans will leave you wondering why you ever wore anything else. 

Made in Italy, here are the main reasons you will love Tramarossa:

  • Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Urbano Chemello.
  • The brand's character was unique from day one, weaving together its founder's sartorial studies and passion for denim.
  • The first garment was made from selvedge denim and enriched with refined details.
  • A hitherto totally unprecedented care for a trouser that was emerging in those years from its boundary of workwear.
  • A study that remained confined in Urbano's trunk of prototypes and rediscovered in 2003 by his children Roberto, Paolo, Luigi and Luisa who, recognizing the potential of the idea, registered the Tramarossa brand.
  • With the second Chemello generation began the production and marketing of the brand, now recognized for its strong product identity, positioned in the luxury jeans segment, spokesman for the values of excellence of Made in Italy in more than 70 countries around world

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