Why Kiton is The Best of the Best (Plus One)

Why Kiton is The Best of the Best (Plus One)

Why Kiton is Worth Every Cent

If you were to ask a hundred people, ninety-nine would have no idea who or what Kiton is. 


But if you were to ask the same question to someone in the fashion industry, they would know exactly what you're talking about. And why? 


The clothes speak for themselves: impeccable tailoring and meticulous attention given to detail. To put it simply, when it comes down to the quality of material and craftsmanship, there is no better suit than a Kiton suit.


Kiton is one of the most famous suit brands and is  - tonic to Fast Fashion. 


Kiton’s elite tailoring school trains students for up to two years in an effort to maintain the brand's quality of craftsmanship. 


Kiton is known as one of the most prestigious clothing brands and it takes over 25 hours just for a single garment, overseen by 150 people with traditional tools like chalk, scissors and thread without repeating any steps too often. 


To ensure that they have enough skilled craftsmen available these days (especially since computers aren't helping much), Kitons established their own tailor-school training program back in 2001 where young recruits receive around 2 years' worth of experience before being let loose on public streets.


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This investment in the future of Kiton but also of Italian tailoring was a stroke of genius, and means that Kiton will be firmly at the top of the pecking order for high quality Italian fashion for many years to come.


Today we’re going to answer the age-old question of whether Kiton is worth it or not.


Why is Kiton so expensive compared to other suit brands?


There are two reasons as to why Kiton is so expensive when compared with other suit brands:


  1. The first reason is the materials used. The cost of a Kiton suit is very dependent on whether it’s made from Vicuna or Cotton, for example.
  2. The second reason is that every suit is handmade. This requires significantly more labor hours per suit, and therefore costs a lot more money as a final product. 


You might think to yourself: “Surely the fact that they’re handmade doesn’t make a large difference” - but it does. 


The main difference is that every suit is created individually, which gives it an air of uniqueness that you can never find with a machine-built suit.


Although this type of tailoring is obviously less popular these days, the proof is in the pudding as we say, and as I’m sitting here writing this surrounded by Kiton blazers, I look at them and can see the difference between these wonderful creations, and the €200 suits I saw while shopping the other day.


The fact of the matter is a Kiton suit will last a lifetime of men's weddings attire, funerals, birthday parties, job interview attire etc. 


If you choose a suit wisely then you may only have to buy one, and you’ll be dapper for life.

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You may be wondering this, as well as whether or not Kiton is worth the price. As one of the best suit brands in the world


This is obviously a matter of perspective, but in terms of why Kiton suits are more expensive, the extra price means that they are not overpriced.


Kiton shirts are very reasonably priced, and they are handmade from 30 different unique steps. This means that you're getting the best quality in the world for a great price.



The price tag for a new Kiton suit is very high, but thankfully for you here at IsuiT we are able to offer them at a much more competitive price.


The quality is the same, they are all new suits, but with the lower price tag or with the higher price tag, it is definitely not true that a Kiton suit is overpriced. 


You pay for what you get in life, and the shoes I paid €15 for the other day are already breaking, whereas a Kiton suit is built to withstand both the changes of fashion and the test of time.

Another great thing about Kiton is that they also sell Jeans and Dress Shoes, which are definitely not overpriced at all.

Can you really put a price on a fashion piece you’ll wear your entire life?

Why Kiton is the best?

Kiton is one of the best handmade tailors still existing in the world for a number of reasons, including:


  • Kiton uses fabrics of the finest quality, which creates a luxurious and beautiful finish.
  • Kiton is one of the few tailors who have specialised in making jackets – they have been noted as being able to tailor a jacket more perfectly than most other tailors.
  • Kiton has a number of different types of fabrics, which are exclusive to the brand. Kiton's fabrics, especially prestigious Vicuna, can be adapted in design and colour at their discretion.
  • Kiton's styling is truly unique. They are known for having some of the sharpest suits in the world, with immaculate tailoring and an attention to detail unmatched by many other tailors.
  • Kiton has a dedicated staff of artisans who fine tune their craftsmanship through years of experience. After investing in Youth early, they ensured this would continue into the future.


Where can I buy a Kiton suit for a good price?



IsuiT - Italian Luxury - Offers Kiton suits at 30-70% off. This is the best potential price you can get for a brand new Kiton suit. We are fortunate enough to have a working relationship with Kiton.


If you would love a Kiton suit but can’t quite afford the large price tag, you should definitely have a browse of our Kiton suits today.


Who is the Kiton designer and where is Kiton made?


The original creator of Kiton, Ciro Paone, originally founded Kiton in 1968.


Even their name is buried in the History of the Napoli area. Kiton comes from the Greek word for praying robe, as for a period of time Napoli was under the domination of the Greeks.


This history continues today, and many of Ciro Paone’s original design fundamentals still bleed into the fabrics of every suit. 


Nowadays, as mentioned before, they have a youth system that promotes skilled designers and tailors and places them at the center of the company.


So, is kiton one of the best luxury brands, and is it worth it?

We’d love to invite you to take a look at our selection and decide for yourself, but in terms of the amount of labor and the fabrics used, Kiton is and always will be worth every penny.

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