The 6 Best Italian Designer Slacks & Dress Pants Brands in the World for 2023

The 6 Best Italian Designer Slacks & Dress Pants Brands in the World for 2023

The 6 Best Italian & European Designer Slacks & Dress Pants Brands in the World for 2023

Are you looking for the best Italian slacks and dress pants to keep up with the latest fashion trends this year? Look no further than 2Men. Our range of designer trousers and pants is made from high-quality fabrics, crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Italian brands are some of the most famous around the world, especially for classic menswear. Want the best Italian sweater brands of 2023? Or the best Italian Coat Brands? Check out the links here instead.

What are slacks?

Slacks are generally dress pants that do not come with a suit. A pair of dress pants is what you buy with a suit, or what you wear with a suit. A pair of slacks, on the other hand, are dress pants that come on their own. Sometimes, a pair of slacks are also compared to jogging pants - or joggers. It's quite a confusing topic, but slacks range from formal dress pants to joggers.


This year, 2Men's collection of designer trousers and pants will have you looking sharp in any situation. Whether you’re wanting to stay on trend with modern dressy looks or just want something comfortable, our range has something for everyone.

Are slacks just dress pants?

Kind of - Yes, and no. It depends. Not all slacks are dress pants. Not all dress pants are slacks. However, for the sake of everyone's sanity, we're classing them as the same thing in this article - and slacks are just pants that come on their own, without a suit.

The Best European Slacks & Dress Pants Brands

Here's our favorite slacks and dress pants brands for 2023:



Brunello Cucinelli Slacks & Dress Pants

The king of casual elegance, Brunello Cucinelli is a favorite among many men. Their slacks and dress pants collection features fine wools such as Merano wool, Cashmere, and silk-blend fabrics in modern cuts. From timeless classics to more daring styles in vibrant colors, there’s something for everyone in the Brunello Cucinelli range.

Hugo Boss Slacks, Joggers and Dress Pants

Boss is more of an urbanwear brand, so this is definitely joggers and slacks, more than dress pants. If you're looking for something mroe mdoern, stlyish, yet still luxurious. Our collection of Hugo Boss joggers and slacks will leave you wondering why you didn't shop with us sooner. This German brand is a rare example of a European brand that isn't Italy, that keeps up with the quality and style of the other amazing Italian brands on this list and that we sell.

KNT Slacks and Joggers

Look no further than KNT pants if you desire to stay comfortable and fashionable simultaneously. Crafted from a superior fabric that is both flexible and strong, these high-quality trousers come in an array of colors and designs so you can assure there's the ideal pair for every function. Look sharp while wearing KNT!


KNT (Kiton New Textures) is a budding company affiliated with Kiton, but making waves for its own contributions to the textile industry - namely through innovative materials that other companies haven't yet adopted.


The expertly crafted and hand-tailored pieces are the perfect combination of slacks, sweatsuit bottoms, joggers, and cargo pants. We use only premium quality materials for all our products to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.

Kiton Slacks and Dress Pants

Are you looking for dress pants or slacks that don't cost an arm and a leg? It makes sense, then, that as the world begins to embrace more casual fashion trends, high-quality yet affordable trousers have experienced a surge in popularity. The fact is - there are alternatives to Kiton!


Every single stitch of Kiton is skillfully crafted by hand, so the quality of Italian craftsmanship abounds. In fact, anyone in the know would be able to spot a piece from this illustrious brand immediately!


Paving their way into modernity, they have begun using newer fabrics with traditional design principles still intact. From dress pants and slacks emerging as staples of classic menswear to moving away from time-honored materials - it's clear that Kiton are leading the charge for future fashion trends.

Marco Pescarolo Dress Pants, Slacks, and Joggers

Marco Pescarolo, a renowned Italian designer brand, with handcrafted and carefully-selected pieces made from only top-notch Italian materials, you can select from our extensive range of high fashion options such as sweats, joggers or slacks. Get yourself some classic menswear at its finest with Marco Pescarolo's unique collection today!


The quality of the materials here is paramount - we never use any companies that don't abide by the absolutely highest standards of production and materials. That is why we work closely with Marco Pescarolo to provide a massive selection of comfortable Italian pants. 


Slacks are becoming much more popular since the Pandemic, as more and more people start to wear loungewear and sportswear to work, we are seeing a huge increase in demand for luxury products such as this collection of Marco Pescarolo Trousers.

Sartoria Tramarossa Slacks and Dress Pants

Mainly known for their incredibly high-quality jeans and pants, these slacks and cargos wil leave you wondering why you ever wore anything else.


Made in Italy, Sartoria Tramarossa have become renowned for the attention to detail they put into each piece of clothing, from the fabric used down to the stitching and finishing. Not only do they use the highest quality materials, but they also put a lot of care and attention into each design, making sure that their customers get the very best in stylish trousers.


The brand's character was unique from day one, weaving together its founder's sartorial studies and passion for denim.



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