Can You Wear Loafers With A Suit?

Can You Wear Loafers With A Suit?

The Art of Pairing Loafers with Suits: A Guide to Sartorial Harmony

Most men wonder, is it really acceptable to wear loafers with a suit? The answer is, yes. However, it's not always easy to navigate the sartorial waters when it comes to this elusive pairing. In this article, we will explore the various ways that loafers can be worn with suits, and which occasions call for this combination. Let's dive into the world of elegant footwear and sophisticated attire.


  • Loafers can be worn with casual suits and hip looks
  • Avoid pairing loafers with business suits for a more professional appearance
  • Steer clear of imitating Wall Street movie characters
  • When it doubt, opt for lace-up shoes for a more polished look

I. When Loafers and Suits Work Together

A. The Casual, Fashion-forward Ensemble

Loafers can be stylishly paired with suits in certain settings. Young men in cotton suits or fashion-forward ensembles can pull off this combination without looking out of place. The key is to make sure the overall outfit is casual and not overly formal. For example, a night out in a dark suit, sans tie, and loafers may be an acceptable option depending on your personal preferences.

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II. The All-American Businessman Look

A. Proceed with Caution

The all-American businessman type may choose to wear penny loafers with business suits. This has become somewhat of a tradition for Americans. However, it is not the most visually appealing choice and can be considered tacky by some non-Americans. In this situation, it is best to avoid wearing loafers with your business suit. Stick to lace-up shoes to maintain a professional appearance and avoid looking like a "yokel."

III. The Wall Street Wannabe

A. Don't Be That Guy

There are some individuals who aspire to emulate the characters from movies like "Wall Street" or "The Wolf of Wall Street" by wearing loafers with their suits. This approach often comes across as tasteless and overly ostentatious. Avoid this combination altogether, as it does not contribute positively to your image or wardrobe.


IV. The Golden Rule of Loafers and Suits

A. When in Doubt, Lace Up

In conclusion, it is best to err on the side of caution when considering wearing loafers with a suit. It's important to remember that certain suit occasions call for more conservative footwear. Loafers are indeed versatile and comfortable, but there are times when a classic lace-up shoe is more appropriate. Save your loafers for flannel trousers, corduroys or more casual occasions, and when dressing up in a suit, opt for lace-up shoes for a polished and sophisticated look. Pair some loafers with an Italian suit.

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