Drop of a Suit: A drop of a suit refers to the difference in inches between the chest width measurement of a suit jacket and the waist size measurement of its accompanying trousers. Generally, the chest width measurement for a suit jacket is taken at the widest point, while the waist size measurement for trousers is taken at the narrowest point. Therefore, when calculating the drop of a suit, one must subtract their trouser waist size from their suit jacket chest width. The resulting number represents the drop measurement and will be used to determine both fit and style. There are several types of drops that determine how a suit will fit on an individual's body; these include low-drop, standard-drop and high-drop suits. A low-drop suit typically has a drop between 6” and 8” which creates a more fitted look suitable for those with slender physiques or athletic builds. A standard-drop suit normally has a drop between 8” and 10” providing more room in the seat for those with average builds or who prefer a looser fit. Lastly, high-drop suits usually have drops between 10” - 12” creating an even roomier fit suitable for those with larger frames or who prefer extra space when wearing their suits. Kiton is an example of a brand that uses drop

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