are hugo boss suits good?

Are Hugo Boss Suits Good Quality?

Hugo Boss (Now known simply as Boss) has been creating suits for many years now. A very common question is "are Hugo Boss Suits good?" 

Let's take a look at this question in detail, as we consider it to be an incredibly important question, but also one that we think is very easy to answer. This article was created by a suit expert, with many years experience in the suiting industry.

Is Hugo Boss a High-end brand?

Although Boss isn't quite as high-end as other brands that are featured on 2Men, such as Kiton and Cesare Attolini - they are still considered to be a luxury brand.  A good thing about Boss is that they sell various things, not just suits, but also tracksuits, sweaters, sneakers and much more.

This means that you can get a complete urban outfit, as well as a complete Business Professional outfit from this luxury brand. 

Boss is definitely considered to be high-end - but not as high-end as other Italian Suit Brands sold by 2Men.

Is A Boss Suit Worth it?

This is perhaps the most important question. If you are asking whether or not a Hugo Boss suit is good quality, and whether it's worth the price, then the answer is a resounding yes. 

Hugo Boss Navy suit

The reasons that a Hugo Boss suit is worth the price tag is:

  • The fabrics
  • The suit cut 
  • The inside of the suit

The Fabrics

The fabrics used by Hugo Boss are exclusive, and they are amazing four season suits - meaning that it's even more worth the money, because if you buy one single Navy blue four season suit, you don't actually need any other suits in your life. This means that you can get away with spending $650 on a suit, and be able to wear it to basically any of every event that you go to. This is real value for money.

2Men has an exclusive list of Hugo Boss suits which are made of exclusive fabrics such as Virgin wool. 

Here are 2Men we only sell high-quality suits, so just by being on our website you can see that the brand is considered by a group of suit experts to be worthy of being sold. 

The Suit Cut - Hugo Boss Suit Styles Explained

You may be wondering what suit cut Hugo Boss uses to create their suits. It's a very simple question to answer: They use an Italian cut. This is great, because here at 2Men we consider the Italian cut to be the best cut of a suit, and it's the main reason we even sell this brand.

Although it does not have the Mappina shoulder (The Neapolitan Shoulder, often found on Neapolitan Suits) - as that is a part of a suit only found on handmade suits, the rest of the suit is a very similar cut to something such as Cesare Attolini or Kiton.

They are slim fit suits, with a lot of similarities, including the use of Italian fabrics. However, there are some key differences also. 

The lapel is also very Italian, as it's not as wide as American or British suit brands, meaning that overall Boss suits are extremely Italian.

The inside of a Boss suit - are Hugo Boss Suits Canvassed?

Perhaps the most important part for real suit aficionados is the inside of the suit. This is where Hugo Boss takes a step away from the traditional Sartorial tailoring houses of Italy. 

Boss is a German brand, and they are making suits for colder climates, hence why all of their suits are fully lined. For a lot of people, this is a personal preference, and they prefer lining. In general, suit enthusiasts do not like lining, and they actually prefer having a deconstructed suit. 

The suit trousers are not pleated, and the suit jackets are double vented. 

This is the construction of a Boss suit - the quality is there, the Italian cut is there, but they are fully lined, which is a turn off for some people. 

Is hugo boss a nice suit

We here are 2Men would recommend Hugo Boss as a middle-of-the-range alternative to the much more expensive brands that we sell. If you're just looking to get yourself a good, versatile, four season suit, then Hugo Boss is a great value alternative that you can pick up without breaking the bank. 

They have all of the classic suit colors, which we have here on our website, meaning whether you're a Charcoal fan, a black fan, a navy fan, or a gray fan - we have something for everyone. 

Do hugo boss suits run small

This is a difficult question to answer - but comparatively speaking yes. They are slim-fit, which means that they run slightly smaller than other suit brands that are considered to have a regular fit. Kiton suits, for example, have a regular fit, whereas Boss has a slim fit. This means that yes, they "run small" so if you're buying a suit online then it's probably recommended to get one slightly larger, if you think your size won't fit.

How much is a hugo boss suit

A hugo boss suit cost depends on where you buy it from. Obviously if you buy directly from Boss themselves, you're going to be paying a premium, as it's the latest release from the latest year, directly from the manufacturer. Fortunately for, you, 2Men does things a little bit differently.

If you're wanting to buy a Boss suit, then it'll cost you less than $700. This is a great price, but we also have a promotion running right now, meaning you can get an extra 15% discount on everything for your first order from our website. Amazing hugo boss suit sale. 

That's an entire designer suit for less than $600 - a price that absolutely should not be missed. 


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