Who is KNT, The New Official Formalwear Brand for Tottenham Hotspurs?

Who is KNT, The New Official Formalwear Brand for Tottenham Hotspurs?

A Touch of Italian Elegance in Football: KNT

The refined world of Italian fashion collides with the dynamic landscape of English football. KNT, the youthful and sporty line from the illustrious Neapolitan brand Kiton, has become the official formalwear brand for Tottenham Hotspurs. The team's players are now decked in KNT's unique blend of athletic luxury, both on and off the pitch.

Star Players Shine Bright in KNT

Announced on the official Instagram accounts of both KNT and Tottenham Hotspurs, photos surfaced of the team's brightest stars, including Richarlison, James Maddison, Dejan Kulusevski, and Yves Bissouma, effortlessly sporting the latest KNT kicks.

The chic sneakers effortlessly matched the players' dynamic energy, embodying the brand's commitment to blend athletic functionality with contemporary style.

KNT: A History of Excellence

KNT is part of the Ciro Paone S.P.A, which is renowned for its flagship brand Kiton. The Neapolitan label, named after 'Chiton', a garment worn by ancient Greeks that signifies timeless elegance, has been a symbol of sartorial craftsmanship since its inception in 1968.

Embodying the same passion for craftsmanship, KNT, Kiton's younger brand, aims to infuse the sporty, youthful vibe into classic Italian fashion. Merging high-quality materials with innovative design, KNT sets a benchmark for athletic luxury.

The KNT x Tottenham Hotspurs Partnership

The KNT x Tottenham Hotspurs partnership signals a new era in sports fashion. As the official formalwear brand for the Spurs, KNT blends the finesse of Italian tailoring with the spirit of English football. The athletes, donned in their KNT gear, are a testament to the fusion of substance and style.

Get the KNT Look

Fans eager to replicate their favourite players' style are in luck. The KNT sneakers donned by the Tottenham Hotspurs team are available for purchase at the Italian multi-brand store, 2Men. Simply visit their website, navigate to the 'KNT x Tottenham Hotspurs' collection under the KNT section, and let your style do the talking.

Experience the synthesis of sport and style with KNT. Hurry and grab your pair now before stocks run out!

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